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Receive Qualified Quote Requests

Customers get, real time, guide prices for; raw timber - planed or sawn, bespoke, custom and made to match wooded products and timber mouldings/profiles. This means, before the request comes to you the customer knows; what to expect and is a genuine, active, buyer. You also have complete control over what you receive and what you want to quote for. Change at any time and submit or decline on receipt.

Wood Stats

Get feedback and statistics

Receive regular updates on your statistics for quoted jobs, performance on your own products, industry treads and much more. Unique insights to help you to increase sales and keep in touch with industry treads.

Sell Wood Products

Sell your products online

Post your products online, instantly. Designed by woodworkers for woodworkers - our system makes the process quick, easy and effective. We even provide you with an instant online store to share with your existing customers, boost sales and have your own, customisable, online presence. Receive secure online payments for your goods, directly to you. Plus, many more tools.

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All Woodworkers



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Wood Importers

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How it Works

Questions and AnswersFind out more about Woodutrade and Wooduchoose.

What is the diffference between Woodutrade and Wooduchoose?

Wooduchoose is a pioneering online service offering custom, bespoke and all types wooden products and related services, instantly, online. The ingenious system allows suppliers, manufacturers, joiners and woodworkers to increase sales inquiries, sell their own products and connect with a dedicated wood buying audience. Woodutrade is an extension of this, as the management tool, allowing those in the timber industry to; Sell products through Wooduchoose Sell products with a dedicated e-commerce website Sell products on Woodutrade to likeminded companies and individuals Find exclusive trade related services, products, materials, wood and insights Share ideas and get help from others in the Wood industry BUY | SELL | CONNECT

How does regsitration work?

Registration is very simple - jump straight in and take a look around with Quick Registration. No credit card is needed and no payments are taken until you are ready to trade and none at all if you click the free account. Quick, easy and no obligations. Plus, if it's not for you - leave at any time with no ties. We sure you won't want to leave though.

How does Wooduchoose work?

Wooduchoose is an online platform for all things wood. Connecting those who need wood and timber products, with those who sell and work with it. The unique system allows customers to receive pricing for, even, custom, bespoke and made to match products. With many products the customer can choose their own wood (Wood you choose). Their choices, delivery requirements, product type then connects them to the, right, specialists in wood industry.

How do I get paid and what does it cost?

The entry level to Woodutrade is free to use and, depending on the product type, we just add a small margin to each order (you receive 100% of the prices you set). There are other plans to suit your needs and all are designed to help you improve sales. Payment to you is quick and easy, when a customer buys your products, services or accepts your quotes, we secure this payment and you transfer when you are ready or via our, weekly, scheduled payouts. There is no need to setup accounts for each customer or run credit checks - our secure, third party, payment gateway provides reassurance for both buyer and seller.

Who is using Wooduchoose and Woodutrade?

Wooduchoose caters for all those seeking wood or wood related products. From wood industry and construction professionals - including architects who have access to database of thousands of CAD profile drawings, to DIY, hobbyists and homeowners. As the market leader, month on month growth is significant and the need for, the best, suppliers, manufacturers and providers increase daily. Our, worldwide, market place helps wood lovers to buy, sell and connect.

Can I sell my own products?

Woodutrade is the vehicle for posting your own products and services on Wooduchoose. Anything you offer for the wood industry can be bought and sold here. It is quick, easy, effective and secure to sell online.

You are in good companyAt Wooduchoose - we work with many of the world's industry leaders and game changers. Join them now and change your game.

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About usRevolutionising the woodwork industry.

Our History

Wooduchoose [Woodutrade] and all of our related sites are built for woodworkers, by woodworkers. With industry experience since the 1930s (third generation joiners) the idea, in the early 2000s was to utilise technology and the internet to help find more leads for our, small, joinery workshop, in rural Devon. This developed when we realised, we could help many others find, and connect, with customers online. The task to build an, innovative, industry specific, platform was commenced and continues as we seek more ways to help our peers and customers to thrive online.

Our Vision

To connect wood lovers online. Providing tools, services, information and help for all who need and work with wood. Using innovation, industry experience and the latest technology to be the home of all things wood.

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